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This Changed My Life: From Stressed and Struggling to Profitable Business

  • by Milan Tomic

Why Repasto?

Before the TRIBE course, we were doing ok. I was proud that I had turned my individual and group coaching business into two membership sites. I also had published a book in 2014 and had been doing a ton of speaking including being flown to Brazil to speak to 800 women. It was amazing but I started saying no to speaking opportunities and being pretty picky about where I put my time when my daughter was born. I just couldn’t leave her to travel for a speaking event.
We were floating by, a year prior living with my brother and not having to pay rent was a life saver. We barely scraped by a few hundred dollars a week for childcare so John and I could really focus on our business for a couple of hours per day together.

Well, when we were thinking about releasing a new theme, we all agreed that it’s time to build a theme that will be worthy of credible, professional food bloggers (and chefs). So, we decided to combine the contemporary aesthetics that can be found in web magazines with the recognizable Themes Kingdom style. As a result, we created Repasto 一 a theme so visually appealing that your site visitors won’t be able to take their eyes off your delicious recipes.

What is Repasto bringing to the table?

A lot of things. Some of them being:

– Elements that are like building blocks for your website. Repasto allows you to pick and choose what goes where on the homepage.

– Gutenberg editor. The theme is Gutenberg-ready, meaning that the theme fully supports WordPress’ new editor.

– Four types of menus. You can choose the menu that suits your needs the best.

– Multiple options for color and typography. The theme gives you a chance to play with numerous typefaces from Google Fonts and to choose the right colors for your food blog.

– SEO-friendliness and responsiveness. You don’t have to worry about your blog not being adjustable to screen sizes 一 your site will look good on smartphones, 4K displays, and TVs.

If you don’t believe us that a WordPress theme could be this feature-filled, high-performance, and stunning, check out the demo and see it for yourself.


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