Shipping & Returns. Your time matters to us.


1. All products are shipped out after fulfillment. We take about 2-7 business days to create and fulfill products. Then you should add shipping times on top of that. Fulfillment time is the time it takes to make your custom-ordered product (if we don't have it in stock). Our fulfillment time is calculated in business days.

Speed and price depends on product type and destination. 97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than 50% of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or fewer.

PLEASE NOTE: Fulfillment time doesn't include shipping. To get an idea of how long an order will take to reach its destination, combine the estimated fulfillment time with the estimated shipping time. 

Depending on your location, we will ship your order from USA or EU. That reduces shipping costs and delivery time.

International from USA
1-3 business days 3-5 business days 5-8 business days
International from Europe 1-3 business days 3-5 business days

5-8 business days


1 business day 1-3 business days 3-5 business days


2. We don't support payment processing and shipping for countries listed in the OFAC sanction list: Cuba, Sudan, Iran, Syria, North Korea.


3. Shipping rates can vary based on the location it’s shipped to, as well as the number and type of items you order (weight/size).



All returns will be happily accepted in cases that the item doesn’t fit right according to the sizing instructions provided, in case the item has any manufacturing faults and damages, or simply if you don’t like it anymore, within 30 days from your purchase. Items that are damaged in transport are the responsibility of the selected courier service. Taily Buzz clothing will not be held responsible for such misconduct of it’s goods. 
All returns are subject to exchange for another size or product within the same price range, or a full refund excluding the shipping costs. Shipping costs will have to be covered in total by you, the customer, however, it it is determined that the fault is our part (damaged or wrong item), the shipping costs will be covered by us. 
In order for us to accept them, a return email notification must be sent to us within 3 days upon the delivery date.



1. Before returning an item please email us within 3 days upon the delivery date at explaining why are you returning it. 
2. Please send your return back to us within 7 days of receiving an email from us, or up to 30 days upon your order arrival date. 
3. Send the item(s) in it’s arriving condition along with the original packing. 
4. All returns are to be addressed to:

Taily Buzz
11025 Westlake
Dr Charlotte, NC 28273
United States



Until it’s received by Taily Buzz, the condition of the item you are returning is your responsibility. Taily Buzz will not be held responsible for any goods damaged in transport, or any other damage applied to the goods before their arrival. 
We will not replace items that have clearly been damaged from use, that are torn, stretched or stained. All products must be returned in their departure condition (from us) with the package case intact. 

If in the meantime we run out of stock of the item that has been returned, we will offer you a coupon code, or any of the products from our store within the same price range of the item that’s the subject of the return.



If your order has not started being processed, email us as soon as possible at: and we’ll let you know if your cancellation was successful. 

We have warehouses in USA and Europe

Depending on your location, we will ship your order from USA or EU. That reduces shipping costs and delivery time.

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Exchanges & Returns

You have 30 days from the shipping date to return your purchase FREE OF CHARGE.

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